New MineBlocks ICO !

We are very proud to announce our new project.

Fee & Payment Information of Coins

Coin Name Pool Fee Auto Payment Threshold Pool Wallet Address Block Explorer Coin Announcement Markets Download Chain
Maxcoin 0% 1 MAX mWhcr5dMKArKX9YAhFDj2HUDd8rU3nwxYp Explorer Bitcointalk Yobit Download
Castle 0.5% 1 CASTLE Pq57qYwpojE1R3ACnYMkkyPVEc66u7WChH Explorer Bitcointalk CoinsMarkets Download
Adzcoin 0.5% 1 ADZ 95ZBbyRTY6gSjdtU7iFaBbSX3TZVoU7qV9 Explorer Bitcointalk Livecoin Download
Monkey Project 0.5% 1 MONK MmP6vaoHgmyKmcaYQEUgHiFfydxNY3x3v9 Explorer Bitcointalk Cryptopia Download
Wivern 0.5% 1 WYV WcRGtm4n6YQxo5zBqV5DmvAWa9rGwWJxnW Explorer Bitcointalk Coinexchange Download
br1m 0.5% 1 BR1M BJ7DuEzrD1WvJMVNxG3Mojpbs1vg4AEjrE Explorer Bitcointalk Stocks Exchange Download
Prime-XI 0.5% 1 PXI PGisnShwnS31u78vM6vvYh3ZkhMZxK9aRP Explorer Bitcointalk Cryptopia Download
Yicoin 0.5% 1 YIC Ybzcf2RjVT85fpRX25scniaELa3BV8vHHK Explorer Bitcointalk CoinsMarkets Download
Bulwark 0.5% 1 BWK bND6j4DUKd4HewQLZ1grKqEqeQUYESRNAq Explorer Bitcointalk Cryptopia Download